Making Wiser Choices When Choosing a Bed

Your new bed/mattress is the most important piece of furniture that you will buy. After all you spend the best part of a third of your life in it! So please make sure you consider the following before you invest in your new bed.

  • It is often said that you get what you pay for. This is very true with beds, cheaper beds may look good value but they will not give you the level of support and comfort that a quality bed will provide.
  • A reputable bed shop will be able to give you good advice.
  • Do try the bed before you buy. When you hit upon the bed that you find comfortable, that is the one for you.
  • Don't be embarrassed; lie on the beds in the shop until you find the one that is the bed for you.
  • A 'hard bed' is not necessarily the most suitable but you need to look for a supportive bed. There is a difference.
  • During the first few nights you may find the bed uncomfortable. This is quite normal. Your body has to adjust to the proper support that a new bed provides.
  • Unless you buy a specifically designed No Turn mattress, it is important that you turn the mattress regularly for the first three months. This will assist the soft upholstery to be used evenly. Slight depressions are to be expected as the comfort layers are so sumptuous.
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