Pocket Springs - generally considered by the experts to be the best. Pocket springs adapt to each individual's body shape thus providing the best possible support.

Cotton Felt - This allows the mattress to breathe and assists in retaining the shape of the mattress.

Pure New Wool - This is a sumptuous layer that provides warmth in winter and coolness in summer.

Cashmere - One of the ultimate upholstery fillings providing softness and durability.

Silk - Adds an even more luxurious feel.

Memory Foam (or visco-elastic foam) - Originally developed for use by NASA during the space programme, memory foam offers unique comfort allied to excellent recovery properties. The secret of a good memory foam mattresses lies in the depth and density of the foam used. As a general rule, the deeper and denser the foam, the better the mattress.

Hush-a-Bye offer four quite different feels to their mattresses with the top panels either being tufted or micro quilted.

Other Foam - Foam is a widely used upholstery filling. There ia a variety of foam available that offer excellent resilience and support.

Woollen Pad - This is a special carded insulator pad to eliminate spring feel

White Fibre - A man made filling that is hypo allergenic and is an extra comfort layer

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